The Art of Patience

2 Jun

We hear about the Art of Marketing and the Art of Sales but what about the Art of Patience?

You know the part where you have to patiently wait for a response from a customer or prospect?

You know the days in between hitting send in Outlook/Gmail and refreshing your inbox (even though most services offer push notification these days so there really is no need) and the time you receive a response where you obsess over hearing from them.

The part where you start to fret and think twice about your proposal and go through the “Did he/she like me/it?

And this applies to pretty much everything.  Yet we tend to forget.  Because we are living in fast-paced, instant message, I needed the information/answer yesterday world, we forget that not everyone is going to make a fly by the seat of their pants decision and respond to your offer right away.

And your potential clients may not be wired to their pc/smartphone and checking their messages instantly (like you) or as often as you like.

Take a deep breath.  Back away from the refresh button.


And be patient.

Running a business, whether you are going at on your own or with a small team,  puts you on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. There are highs and lows. Every win is a celebration, every loss a momentary blow but you recover and learn.


Needless to say it’s an art I’m working on everyday. How about you?


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