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Turn a negative into a positive

12 Apr

At an event last week I was asked, How do you deal with negative feedback online? Can it be erased? Well, yes and no. You can’t actually go and erase it so it no longer shows up but you can definitely takeĀ  actions to lesson the impact and show that you are ‘listening’. Dealing with […]

"Friend"casting: Why it works

19 Apr

Be the trusted source So what exactly is “Friendcasting”? Is this something I just made up? Well, no, not really! I first heard about friendcasting during a webinar featuring Jason Deitch of Fanpagegenerator and thought to myself-“Yes! this is exactly how and why brands need to be present on sites like Facebook”. I’ll explain with […]

Twitter: Who cares, right? Wrong!

3 Feb

Alright, so let’s get this out in the open. You’ve heard about it, you’ve even signed up and started following some people, maybe some of your friends. But let’s face it, you don’t really care that they missed the bus, ate a turkey sandwich for lunch or had to take their car into the garage […]

Social Media & ROI

6 Dec

I’ve been reading a lot lately about people questioning or waiting to see what the “ROI on Social Media is” and if it can actually help a company’s ‘bottom-line’ before they go ahead and start using and investing time in it. Let me ask you this- Can you measure the return-on-investment on a relationship? Times […]

3 ways to use Hashtags!

30 Oct

So what’s the deal with these funky messages and # in all of them? Yes, those new to Twitter can find it a bit daunting and almost feel like they are looking at code when coming across tweets like this: @sands: looking forward to @garyvee at indigo tonight #montreal #crushit 1-Hashtags allow people to find […]

Five ways to find Tweeple to follow

25 Oct

So you’ve taken the plunge and created a Twitter account and you’re thinking, “Ok, now what? How do I get other people to know I’m here and how do I find interesting/relevant people to follow?” You could start by doing an address book import to see if any of your contacts (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL) are […]

Twitter for your business

13 Oct

Twitter for Business? A lot of my friends don’t seem to quite understand why I would be twittering for business purposes and what benefit it could possibly bring. Why would anyone care about- “What you are doing?”, they ask. They continue to look at me with blank stares when I tell them we are using […]

How to measure social media success

22 Sep

So there is A LOT of talk about social media these days. In fact, the other day even my parents asked me what the deal with Twitter was and my mom is a housewife who hasn’t yet embraced email *but* will pay her bills online. Go figure! More and more statistics are showing that a […]

3 Ways to not use Twitter

1 Sep

1- Blatantly Self-Promote: Nobody likes a self-promoter. Twitter and social media in general is about building relationships first : engaging with the people who are interested in your brand, subject matter and business, second. 2- Be fake. Be genuine. Most of the people you interact with online with you might not actually meet, therefore in […]

Revealed: Why Twitter is changing customer support

18 Aug

I had a real life twitter experience at work today. We’ve been implementing the strategy discussed in this blog over the last few months and we are starting to see the positive and ‘negative’ sides. Positive? We have set up alerts as discussed in the post Three Ways to Monitor Your Brand and we are […]