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Chart Your Own Course and Just Be You

20 Oct

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde I can only imagine how hard it would be to base your entire self or business on what someone else is doing. I’m not saying to operate in a silo and not learn from others or watch what your competitors are doing but ultimately you […]

Digital Curfew Day 6 & 7: Yes, I can!

5 Sep

Maybe it’s cause it’s the weekend or maybe I really am kicking this habit but I must say the last two days have been a breeze! I have easily not been on the computer at night and in the morning I have not checked at all. I find that at night the key is to […]

Digitial Curfew Day 5: I am kickin' it

3 Sep

Woohoo! I can honestly say today I was able to easily resist the urge to surf/check emails etc in the morning on my phone. I chose to sleep longer. Last night, however, I went over by 25 minutes but I had some stuff to finish (really!). Desire to check: Low Battle: None Maybe it was […]

Digital Curfew Day 4: Habits are hard to break!

2 Sep

Last night I went over my Digital Curfew by 30 minutes. For those just stopping by, I’m trying to curb my ‘addiction’ and get some of my time back that I spend on the ‘net. I totally caved in the morning, again! But what I have noticed is that it is becoming less of an […]

Digital Curfew Day 3: I'm getting better at this!

1 Sep

Okay, so today was Day 3 of my Digital Curfew. I am very good about the night part but am horrible about the mornings. Today, I fought the battle and the phone won. But it’s progress, right? At least there was a battle, unlike yesterday where I completely forgot!! 21 Days! Let’s not forget!

Digital Curfew Day 2: I can do this!

31 Aug

Today is Day 2 of my Digitial Curfew and I have to admit that I FAILED again! I’m doing great at night (only because I’m deliriously tired after all this packing/unpacking) but the morning is proving to be challenging. The alarm went off, I reached over, snoozed it and then without fail I checked my […]

Held Hostage by your Service Provider: You can't win with the 'can't' model

30 Aug

I recently got off the phone with my favorite (insert sarcasm) local telephone service provider. Since I was moving to a new apartment I had called ahead to do a transfer of service and was reassured repeatedly that my service would be activated at my new apartment on the day of my move. I got […]

We are the Champions!

29 Apr

You’d think we’d have one the Stanley cup with the mob of people on the streets last night after the Canadiens upset the Washington Capitals in a nail-biting 2-1 victory. (Ok,that’s about as much as I can say about Hockey! Ha!) Where else would you be able to find a fan climbed up top a […]

Sesame Street Google Search Parody

29 Apr

You may or may not have seen it, but Google aired their first television commercial during the Superbowl this past February, in the form of .. a search! Well, Sesame Street, which is going all out with social media, did a parody of the ad. I really enjoyed these, probably because Sesame Street was such […]

Hello world!

2 Jun

Most people delete the ‘Hello World’ post. I’m not because it brings back fond memories. Well, maybe not so fond. I still remember my first programming class (it was in Java, so you can probably guess that I’m not 55 years old or something) and our first assignment was exactly that. Write a short program […]