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Your Business is Relationships

13 Mar

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name Relationships People want to connect with you. The person/people behind the brand and not the nameless/faceless logo. People have always wanted to connect. This is not something new. Social media has not changed this but has made it a whole lot easier. Suddenly, I can […]

Business Tips a Seven-Year Old can Teach You

7 Dec

Background: My sister and brother-in-law are both entrepreneurs, having started their own yoga studio and online finance course, respectively. My nephew has spent a lot of time with us around the dinner table as we discuss each others business ideas, brainstorm and  figure out the best way to go about executing. He will pop-in every […]

3 Ways To Create An Awesome Customer Experience

17 Nov

With so many choices, why should customers choose you? How does your business stand out from the crowd? You can compete on price but where does that leave you in the end? There is only so much you can drop without cutting into your bottom line. And do you really want to differentiate yourself based […]

Who is your customer?

9 Nov

In his post, “What you should know”, Chris Brogan talks about the importance of knowing your customer. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we tend to know our products and services inside out but can we say the same about our customers?  He ends  by saying: “How often do we just ASK our customer for some […]

Intrusive Marketing: How to push your "customers" away

23 Feb

Today I had an experience that left me momentarily speechless and those that know me know how rare that is! I spend a lot of time online researching products from different vendors as well as keeping abreast of what is happening in the industry. Whether it be sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn discussions- I find […]