Finding Followers In Your Niche On Twitter

20 Feb

Reposted from In this short video, I show you how to find targeted people to follow using the tool Tweetadder. In particular, we look at how to do a Profile Search, Location Search and Tweet search. For example, you can search Twitter profiles that have “women entrepreneurs” in their profile. Resources Mentioned: Tweetadder (aff […]

4 Easy Ways To Create Images For Pinterest & Facebook

25 Jan

Creating content that is shareable and gets engagement is on the top of everyone’s list these days. But it can be time consuming and pretty challenging if you lack graphic design skills. Well, there’s an app for that! Or 4! In this video, I go over 4 easy ways to create image quotes for Facebook […]

Getting Started With Twitter Chats

20 Oct

Getting started on Twitter can be a lonely and awkward experience. All these conversations are happening around you, and yet it can feel like you are tweeting all by your lonesome. You know you should get in there and engage and chat with people but aren’t the type to just walk up to a stranger […]

4G Funshop for Girls!

25 May

One of the Montreal Girl Geeks mandates this year was to get out there and address the “lack of women in tech” issue from a positive standpoint. Rather than simply talking about it, we wanted to do something that would have a positive impact and help #changetheratio. Based on member feedback and our own strategy […]

OMG, I got a +K!

7 Nov

Ok, I’m seriously being sarcastic. My Twitter stream has been FILLED with “so and so gave me a +K in such and such”. I’m all for metrics albeit meaningful ones. But when you don’t really know what something is measuring or just doing things to raise your score for the sake of it, what value […]

SocialPlus: Putting the Social in Social Media

7 Sep

The Art of Social We talked about this last night in our newly formed informal monthly gathering #socialplus that meets….in REAL life! Yup, you read that right. Were you fooled by the hashtag? Well, we are social media geeks (you too, Ray) so how could we not have a hashtag to commemorate this monthly gathering? […]

There's something about Google Plus

29 Jul

That I find strange/odd/bizarre. I can’t quite put my finger on it so thought maybe you could help. For someĀ  reason, when someone I don’t know follows me on Twitter, I don’t think much of it. I reason that a) I said something that was interesting b) They auto-follow based on keywords c) I was […]

Webinar recap- Flourish with Facebook: 3 ways to take your online presence from Blah to Brilliant

15 Jul

I did a short webinar last week covering some recurring questions about building a Facebook community and what do do once people do start ‘Liking’ you. Here are the slides, I’d love to hear your tips! Flourish with Facebook: 3 ways to take your online presence from blah to brilliant   View more presentations from […]

A new kid on the block

4 Jul

Watch out! All of the geeks are abuzz with the latest and greatest from Google, G+. Here a few thoughts that come to mind: Buzz vs Woody Google has had plenty of time to watch and learn from Facebook’s mistakes and simplify the user experience in G+. But is it simple enough for the average […]

The losing deal with deal sites..

29 Jun

Yes, another daily deal related post but this time I’m on the losing side! In the past, when I’ve bought deals it’s always been at places I haven’t been to before but I have blogged about how the disadvantages of daily deal sites, one of them being that is alienating for existing customers who pay […]